A Band for all seasons

We are a Catholic band from St. Paul, Minnesota with roots in many genres from electronic dance music to rock and pop to country and bluegrass. We are at home with both contemporary worship and traditional hymns. And whether it’s a gathering of a few hundred or an event for tens of thousands, we are always striving to draw others deeper into worship through our music.

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Energize & Engage

Sometimes we need a little help to let go and let God - to shake off the routine and prepare for the extraordinary. Sonar gets the Church on its feet to break the ice and just have a bit of fun!


Mass & Adoration

What we love most. The Eucharist, particularly in the sacrifice of the Mass – is the source and summit of our faith. Sonar draws the faithful into the liturgy with their music and then gets out of the way as we join as one community to worship our Lord.


Praise & Worship

We respond to the Lord’s movement in our lives in a special way when we come together as a community and unite our voices in praise. Sonar uses its music to create an environment for the community to do just that.

Meet the Band

"There are only two ways not to worship.  One is to completely ignore how God is working in your life.  The other is to see how God is working in your life but to be too self-conscious to respond."

-Nate Reinhardt